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Areas of Practice

Financial Services and Community Development


• Department of the Treasury
• Federal Reserve Bank
• Department of Agriculture
• Department of Commerce
• Department of Housing and Urban Development
• Department of Education
• Small Business Administration
• Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
• Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
• National Credit Union Administration
• Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
• Securities and Exchange Commission

Few firms in Washington can offer the breadth and depth of expertise and services in this area. Our reach begins with our firm’s typical services such as assistance with authorization, appropriations and funding opportunities for programs and policies in housing and community development, community development finance and tax credit programs, economic and rural development, small and disadvantaged business development, and other such grant, loan and program opportunities – and spans all the way over to offering assistance to clients in policy areas such as complex financial institution charter and regulatory matters, de novo financial institution start up regulations and requirements as well as financial institution merger and acquisition requirements and regulations, Community Reinvestment Act laws and regulations, troubled asset disposition programs, consumer finance laws, policies and regulations, capital markets regulation, student loan policy, and many other matters. Organizations seeking our assistance in this expertise area will no doubt be surprised at the reach and depth of our “one stop” services capabilities in this sector.

John Colbert