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Areas of Practice

Health Care


• Affordable Care Act
• Health workforce
• Centers for Medicare and Medicaid
• ACA funded grant programs
• The National Institutes of Health

Capitol Hill Partners’ expertise in the authorizing and appropriations committees ensured that our clients’ interests were well represented in the development of the Affordable Care Act. We provided our clients with extensive assistance in a variety of provisions in the bill and also focused on working with Congress to ensure that health workforce provisions of the Act would better address the growing shortfalls in critical health workforce professions which will result from the increased number of families and individuals who will be insured under ACA and to help prepare our workforce for the rapidly expanding health care needs of the retiring baby boomers.

Our principals decades of experience as staff on Capitol Hill overseeing the authorization and funding of Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) have also been of great value to clients in the new framework created by CMS under the ACA, with billions in new funding available for innovative methods to provide better health, better health care, and reduced costs. The same can be said for the National Institutes of Health, The Public Health Service, the Health Resources and Services Administration and the Centers for Disease Control. We provide technical assistance to our clients in the development of their proposals for funding opportunities that have emerged through authorization and appropriation processes in which we have engaged on their behalf.

John Colbert