Capitol Hill Partners
Consulting and Advocacy for Good Causes


Areas of Practice


• Workforce development
• Community colleges
• Mature workers
• Vocational rehabilitation
• Adult education and literacy
• Job Corps
• Youth development
• Business engagement with workforce programs and policies
• Department of Labor grant programs

We have assisted our clients in a variety of areas in the development of workforce related policy over the past three decades. Capitol Hill Partners has been central to the creation of the Workforce Investment Act and its predecessor legislation, as well as deeply engaged in Job Corps legislation and policy, Unemployment Insurance, the Employment Service, the Senior Community Service Employment Program and other specialized federal job training programs. 

Capitol Hill Partners members not only held high ranking positions at the Department of Labor and the White House overseeing federal workforce policies and programming, but also have served on the staff of the authorizing and appropriations committees that create and fund workforce programs. 

We have ensured that our clients’ interests are represented in the development and funding of these laws and policies, as well as in the regulatory and competitive funding opportunities that emerge. We do this to ensure that our clients maximize their chances for success. We provide extensive technical assistance to our clients in the ongoing grant opportunities at DOL and in workforce programs at other agencies. This has helped many clients secure significant new funding for their initiatives.

John Colbert