Capitol Hill Partners
Consulting and Advocacy for Good Causes



“Capitol Hill Partners plays an indispensable role for our organization and is an integral part of Goodwill’s public policy team. There’s simply no firm in Washington that understands policies that impact job training, employment, and supportive programs better.”

Seth Turner, Goodwill Industries International, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy


“Capitol Hill Partners has been more than a government relations firm; they have been a meaningful and trusted part of our public policy team. They know our issues. Their work has been timely and has helped us understand Washington and significantly improve our impact.”

Ronald D. Painter, CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards

“Capitol Hill Partners has been very helpful in demystifying Washington, interpreting the potential effects of federal policies under consideration on our organization’s mission and operations. With their assistance, we are able to describe our work and our programs in ways more responsive to the needs of policymakers.”

Tony Sarmiento, Executive Director, Senior Service America Inc.

“STRIVE had engaged Capitol Hill partners for a number of years.  Though the contractual relationship was with STRIVE’s New York City office, the Capitol team also provided technical assistance to quite a number of our affiliate sites.  Their help was instrumental in getting STRIVE and its affiliates “on the map”, as this relates to our respective Congressional Representatives.  This, in turn, resulted in robust financial support to our sites.  The Capitol Hill team, in my estimation, brings a unique talent, and skill set to those of us in public service.  Additionally, the relationships on the Hill they’ve cultivated over a number of years has kept the concerns, and challenges of the not for profit community in the forefront of the minds of our political leaders.  In short, Capitol Hill partners, and the services they provide are invaluable.”

Rob Carmona, Co-Founder, STRIVE International

“The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs went through an excruciating eight year period from 2002-2009. During that time, the Executive Branch of government tried to eliminate the workforce development program that our member agencies use to give farmworkers a hand up into professions that pay at least a living wage. Retaining the program was a hard-fought battle each and every one of those years. Our winning strategy was set and guided by Capitol Hill Partners. They also conducted the major Congressional policy work that allowed us to succeed. Now, all branches of government are clear on the value of this small but important program. I give full credit to Capitol Hill Partners for leading us to victory during those difficult times.”

David A. Strauss, Executive Director, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs

“The SEED Foundation retained Capitol Hill Partners in 2011 to help explore engaging federal partners in possible growth options.  Not only has CHP been able to partner effectively with us to create viable strategic plans, but the team has shown an ability to tack and change the plan mid-stride.  Their flexibility and analytic skills are critical in today’s political climate.  Their help in navigating the complexities of federal agencies and the Hill has been invaluable and, with their guidance, we have advanced towards our goal.”

Raj Vinnakota, Co-Founder and Managing Director, SEED Foundation

“I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from working with the staff at Capitol Hill Partners, relying on their years of experience with and keen insight on legislative issues. Recently the environment in Washington has become very unpredictable. Having extra eyes and ears watching out for legislation affecting workforce development and social service programs has been vital. Their tireless efforts directly contribute to an improved quality of life for our customers.”

Billy Wooten, Executive Director of Program Operations, Experience Works, Inc.